Card To Cash 2nd Edition

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What would real magic look like? Imagine turning a playing card into a stack of cash in a speed of second! This trick will work just like your imagination! Watch the trailer:

Visual magic has been very popular in recent years and it almost became a individual genre of magic. Card to cash is one such trick that guarantees to astonish and amaze anyone. Imagine having your audience receiving the visual impact just inches away!

Card To Cash has many variations. For example, it could be the finale of your card routine after you had someone pick a card and you turn the card into a $100 bill. Or you could simply just take the card out of your wallet and turn it into cash and put them back into your wallet. The sky is the limit!

What's in the Box:

1.A handmade Card to Cash gimmick that you can use right away

2.Detailed instruction including materials used in this trick

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