Excellent Magician's Mindset, 2nd Edition

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Welcome to Excellent Magicians Mindset 2nd edition! This is Your secret weapon to be the best magician that you deserve to be! Do you strive to achieve excellence on your magic? This book will teach you the secrets to be an excellent performer.

  • Powerful techniques to study magic;
  • Fascinating stories to land gigs:
  • Secrets to be an elegant performer;
  • Practical tips to boost a healthy performing career;

"No matter what you do, having the right mindset is very important because it transforms your unconscious decisions into habits." The purpose of this book is to push you out of your comfort zone with the most effective ways to study, perform and perfect your magic. Whether you are a hobbyist or a seasoned pro, you will start to see magic differently after you read this book. When you truly understand everything in this book and apply them to your magic, you will be UNBEATABLE and UNSTOPPBLE! Study this book carefully and apply these mindsets to your daily practice. Magic has taken me all over the place, even to places I never dream of possible; It's your turn to experience the real magic.

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