Magic Competition Complete Course (Your Path to International Stardom!)

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This is Your Path to International Stardom! Everything you need to know to win any magic competition! From the very beginning of putting together your act to after winning the competition, World champion magician Jeremy Mikaelson teaches you the secrets to crush any magic competition in the world! Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world performing magic? This course will give you the key to open the door of your dream!

This is a digital course with download video instructions, text content, pictures covering everything you need to know about winning any magic competition. You will also get one 30 minute video session to work your act with Jeremy and receive constructive criticism for your act. Plus, you will also receive a free copy of Excellent Magician's Mindsets 2nd edition as a bonus!

Course breakdown:

1.What is Magic Competition
2.The Benefits of entering/winning magic competitions
3.Competitions Worth Winning
4.The Idea
5.The Music
6.The Winning Act
7.The secret to create original costume
8.How to create original magic
9.Score sheets
10.The sponsor
11.During the competition
12.Maintaining your attitude
13.How to sell your act
14.After winning a magic competition
15.Final thoughts

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