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Have you ever dreamed of making your magic to look more like movie's special effects? Have you been doing manipulation for a long time and try to come up with more creative ideas? This course is an infusion of original manipulation effects that will make your magic more visual and beautiful; This online course contains detailed video instructions and pdf files with innovative thoughts and ideas on manipulation. I don't believe one can actually master their craft just by coping what's on the DVD and that's one of the major problems of many today's magic DVDs. What's your style of magic? How can you take the effects on the dvd to suit your presentation? Almost none of the DVDs today touch base on these subjects which are the core of being a great magician and much more important than the effects themselves.

In this course, you will discover some of the most practical and powerful techniques I use in my actual show as well as original effects and routines that will make your magic look more like movie special effects.

What's included:

1.Detailed video instruction

2.Supporting PDF files

Level: Advanced

Course content:

1.Manipulation Basics

2.Killer Back Palm V1

3.Killer Back Palm V2

4.Mirage (Silk to Ball routine)

5.Non Sense (Coin and Sharpie)

6.Mikaelson's Double Fan Production

6.Wings of the Angel(Four Card Roll Down)

7.Card to Confetti

8.Card to confetti V2

9.Card to confetti V3(One hand handling)

10.Final thoughts

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