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Private Magic lesson with 2020 Florida Magician Of The Year Jeremy Mikaelson.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you will discover and study magic in a system that will make you a great magician to a large extent. The lesson is fun, engaging and also challenging. Jeremy teaches all aspects of magic from stage performance to individual magic routines, from acting to prop construction. You will save lots of time and hassle making yourself a great magician. To be a great magician takes time and practices. First hand, Jeremy knows how important it is to have a good teacher/mentor. Jeremy has apprenticed masters like Johnny Thompson and Lance Burton, who are both the greatest magician in the 20th century.

It's an honor to be able to take private lessons with Jeremy Mikaelson.

Each Lesson consists three parts. Classical Repertories, History and Stage presentation will be taught in the lesson. You are not just learning the trick but also learning the essence and spirit of magic and how to present each trick most effectively.

It will be just you and Jeremy working on YOUR ideas, visions, routines and other aspects. Jeremy also offers a special class for those who wish to compete and win magic competitions. As a master of winning magic competition, Jeremy will walk you through every aspect of competing and winning magic competition.

Single class: $75

Class Duration: 1 hour

Lesson Package: $360 5 private lessons with Jeremy Mikaelson (You saved $15!) Excellent Magician's mindset will be sent to you as a bonus when you purchase the lesson.


  • Save Money: No costly hotel or air travel!
  • One on One Focus on Exactly What You Need.
  • Jeremy will help you with your magic, performance, business and more (including reviews of your own videos).
  • Learn real-world magic routines from one of the best stage magicians.
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