Vermont student wins international magic competition!

Vermont student wins international magic competition By Neliana Ferraro | Posted: Sat 9:02 AM, Aug 11, 2018  | Updated: Sat 6:55 PM, Aug 11, 2018

COLCHESTER, Vt. A Saint Michael's college student submitted an audition tape, hoping to secure a spot in The Society of American Magicians' contest in Orlando, Florida.

Rising senior Jeremy Mikaelson was one of seven chosen to compete last month in front of almost 1,500 magicians from around the world.

Jeremy ended up beating the competition, taking home the trophy.

He said the award means a lot coming from this society, whose first president was escape artist Harry Houdini.

"I was really happy. I've been waiting for this for a really long time," Jeremy said.

But he wasn't always this magical.

Jeremy first picked up magic when he was 10 years old.

"There's a bunch of kids in my school that start to do some card tricks for no reason. And I was just hooked and started to do some card tricks. And then as time went by, they start to give up magic, but I still keep it as a hobby," Jeremy said.

That hobby quickly turned into a passion. At 18, he started working in a magic shop and performing in shows.

"I can see the smile from people's faces. That really fascinates me," Jeremy said.

His family was tentative about his career goals but are starting to be more supportive with each award and show.

"To be a magician is to be an actor," Jeremy said.

So Jeremy came to the United States from China in 2015 to attend at Saint Michael's College as a theater major.

He spends a lot of Fridays in the McCarthy Recital Hall.

"When everyone else is out partying and drinking on Friday nights, I come here to practice," Jeremy said.

Jeremy said his goal is to have his own show one day, maybe even at a theater named after him.

Until then, he'll continue performing and inventing his own magic tricks.

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