2020 Shows:

Do you not have after dinner entertainment? I am now performing online at Zoom! I can perform for you and your group for just $50. I have a zoom magic show every Friday, the ticket is only $5 for the whole group (as many people as you want). I also tailor my virtual show to fit your event! Give me a call to find out more about making your event magical: 802-488-4883


Jan 12th                            Florida Magician Of the Year                 Coco Beach, FL

Feb 2nd                             Private Event                                             Orlando, FL

April 4th                            Magic Dove Theater                                 Coco Beach, FL

June 7th                            Heritage Automobile Group                   Burlington, VT

Sep 6th                                TAOM                                                        Fort Worth, Texas 

Sep 12th                              MAES Convention (Now online)          Cherry Hill, NJ


Nov 6th-8th                       Daytona Beach Festival Of Magic         Daytona Beach, FL

Dec 21st                              Monday Night Magic                               New York City

Jan 13th  2021                   Florida Magician Of The Year               Coca Beach, FL


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