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Stage Show

Theatrical & Casino Showrooms:



Product Launches 

Holiday Banquet 

Freshman orientation 



You are planning an event with large number of audience, what you need is to keep everyone focused and entertained.

From the world famous magic castle in Hollywood to theater stages in New York City, Jeremy's multiple awards winning stage show has wowed the audience across the country. It can fit any venue for your particular needs. All of Mikaelson's shows are custom-tailored to fit the anticipated audiences and venues. His originality has made his show a must see! 

What people think of Jeremy's show?

"You are the best magician I have ever seen."

"Such an creative, slick and inspiring magic show."

"Very strong show in today's competition."

Imaging watching an visual and never before seen magic show in your event!

Jeremy Mikaelson provides world class entertainment for special events. From close up magic at intimate gatherings to full evening stage spectaculars, Jeremy Mikaelson is a complete entertainment resource. Shows are offered both virtually and live in person! 

Close-up Show

Corporate Events 

Trade Shows

Private parties

Family gatherings

Restaurant Dine and wine


You are hosting an event and you want to invest your money and time in a right way. Jeremy's ability to bring up the energy level of the room has made him one of the most sought after performers.

Magic is happening right under your nose! Strolling from table to table or gathering a small crowd, Jeremy mixes comedy with magic and makes magical connection with your group having them take away a unique lifetime memory that is full of smiles,excitement and inspiration.

A customized message with magic will be delivered in an effective presentation to make your event memorable.

This special entertainment will make your guests talk about your event for years to come!

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